Moapa Valley Water District :

Moapa Valley Water District ~ Overton, Nevada

Serving Southern Nevada's Water Needs

Moapa Valley Water District, Overton, Nevada

The Moapa Valley Water District is located approximately 50 miles north and east of Las Vegas. The District's service area contains approximately 79 square miles, located between Warm Springs and Overton. Moapa Valley has a population of about 9,000 people. Nested within the District's service area is the reservation for the Moapa Band of Paiute Indians.


Conserving and Managing our Local Water Sources

The water sources available to the Moapa Valley Water District originate from the regional carbonate aquifer flow system. The District has four wells, three located in the Warm Springs area and one in Logandale. The District has two springs, also located in the Warm Springs area.


Corona Virus Statement

The Moapa Valley Water District is sensitive to what is happening in our community and is committed to helping those individuals in need.


Please call our office at 702-397-6893 if you have any questions.

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